All people are turning to CBD oil to find relief from various medical conditions due to its growing popularity. Since CBD oil has numerous benefits for our pets, it's not surprising that people will always prefer to give their pets the best CBD oil Canada. We take as much care of our pets' health as we do our own because they are a cherished family member.

But what distinguishes human CBD from pet CBD? And is it safe to give your pets human CBD? Even though the primary active ingredient in CBD for humans and pets is the same, there are some key differences. However, the uses and benefits of CBD may be the same for humans and animals.

An Overview:

The fact that CBD appears to interact similarly in human and pet bodies may surprise you. Let's start with the fundamentals of what CBD is to understand why:

  • CBD, or cannabidiol, comes from cannabis-family plants.
  • The endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of cellular receptors in our bodies, is triggered by CBD and other cannabinoids. 
  • CBD derived from hemp lacks the THC necessary to produce the typical high associated with cannabis.

The fact that every mammal has an endocannabinoid system is remarkable. As a result, CBD may have similar effects on our pets as it does on us.

What is the ECS's Purpose?

The ECS involves many bodily functions, such as controlling sleep, mood, appetite, the immune system, and neurological activities like learning and memory. People turn to CBD for various health issues like stress management, digestive issues, and discomfort because it binds to ECS receptors and can affect our bodies differently.

Human CBD vs. Pet CBD: Differences and similarities:

The same natural source is used to make both human and pet CBD: the hemp plant's flowers, stems, and leaves. The additional ingredients added for flavor, texture, fragrance, and other purposes distinguish human-made products from pet-friendly ones.

Can You Give Your Pet Human CBD?

If CBD oil is the same regardless of the product, why not give it to your pet? There are several significant reasons to continue using different CBD products for humans and pets. Let's explore it more closely:

Safety: There are a lot of edible CBD products for humans that contain ingredients that might not be safe for pets. Which may be highly harmful to pets like dogs and cats. Buy pet-friendly CBD to ensure all its ingredients are safe for your four-legged friends.

Flavor: CBD products for pets and humans will have distinct flavors, although this is not a safety concern. Pet CBD treats frequently contain meaty ingredients, whereas human CBD-infused products like gummies typically have a fruity flavor.

Usage: If you buy a product made just for pets, the label should tell you exactly how to use it with animals. It is not safe to assume that your dog should consume the same number of CBD drops as you do because the concentration of CBD oil for humans and pets may differ. Always follow the instructions on the package.

How Can CBD Help Your Pet?

CBD is known to provide relief in the following conditions to your dog.

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Gut health
  • Eye Health
  • General physical discomfort
  • Nervousness
  • Joint stiffness and joint pain

Despite the fact that research on CBD for dogs is still in its infancy, dog owners have been using CBD for dogs Canada for years. It is viewed as a cost-effective and natural method by many for enhancing their pets' quality of life.